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Guarded Pockets™

There are many podcasts, websites and communities that teach you how to get bigger pockets or to grow wealth and income, but there are far fewer resources available to teach you how to guard your pockets or protect the wealth and income you have generated. This is where Guarded Pockets™ comes in. Guarded Pockets™ is an online community of real estate investors who can interact, exchange ideas and connect with other like-minded investors. More importantly, members of Guarded Pockets™ get a benefit generally only reserved for the largest real estate investors — an attorney on retainer that can answer the numerous legal questions that come up while investing in business. For example, a fix and flip investor learns about the possibility of a golf course that neighbors a home they are flipping being developed into a mixed use development and wants to know if that needs to be disclosed to potential buyers or a landlord needs to know if they are acting legally in a dispute with a tenant.

In addition to answers to legal questions, the Guarded Pockets™ community also includes access to common legal forms used by real estate investors and unlimited review of the completed forms to be used for transactions.

Guarded Pockets™ is intended to provide access to legal services to all real estate investors as I have seen many times where expensive legal disputes could have been avoided if the investor had legal advice earlier in the process. Therefore, we have developed packages to assist all levels of real estate investors. More information about each of the packages and what’s included is below.

Unlimited scheduled phone calls refers to the ability to schedule a ten minute phone call with the attorney up to one time per business day to answer any legal questions your business may be facing. The calls are intended to provide answers to basic questions and do not include the review of documents, drafting documents, legal research, or anything other than a quick conversation and answer to the question being posed.

Questions submitted via text message are questions that can be stated in a standard sized text message and be read and responded to in less than ten minutes. Responses to text messages will be as prompt as possible but may not be immediate.

Email submissions are limited to questions that can be reviewed and answered within ten minutes and do not include the review of documents, formal legal opinions, legal research, or other services beyond the answering of a legal question.

Resident agent service includes us serving as the resident agent for all of your Kansas and/or Missouri entities. Resident agent services for entities formed in other states are available through a third-party at the cost of $149 per year.

Review of RDRE and KCRAR contract forms reviews include the review of populated pre-printed forms provided either by this law firm or the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors. We will review the documents for inconsistencies or items that are not in conformity with industry standards or your stated goals for the contract. The Guarded Pockets™ does not include drafting additional language for the contract, preparing addendums, or other legal work beyond the review and verbal discussion of the contract forms.

If any member’s use of the Guarded Pockets™ vastly exceeds that of other members, RDRE may require additional fees to be paid by said user; however, this is rare and will not apply to most members. If additional legal fees are required, the member will receive notification at least thirty (30) days prior to any increase in fees. Moreover, all prices, terms, and conditions of this program are subject to change upon thirty (30) days written notice to the members. Additional terms and conditions are available at Terms of Use.


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