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Legal Questions

We provide ongoing advice and guidance to real estate investors, homeowners, and others in the real estate industry. There are two primary ways that we provide these services.

One-Time Consultation

The first option is to schedule a one-time consultation. There are three options for a one-time consultation; a quick twenty-minute phone call, a longer 40 minute consultation and a one-hour office consultation. You can schedule a one-time consultation by clicking on this link to find a time that works best is for you.

The on-time consultations are limited to the specified time period and there is no ongoing attorney-client relationship following the consultation. If you have additional questions, you can sign up for another consultation by using the same link above.

Unlimited Legal Questions

The other option is to sign up for our Guarded Pockets™ program. Guarded Pockets™ is a membership program that provides unlimited answers to quick legal questions via scheduled phone calls, access to form documents, unlimited review of completed RDRE and KCRAR forms, and registered agent services. More information about Guarded Pockets™ can be obtained by going to Guarded Pockets™.

Document Review

Our standard consultations include a cursory review of documents for the limited purpose of obtaining basic information so as to answer your questions during the consultation. It does not include a review of documents to determine necessary changes or suggest alternate language. If you would like to hire an attorney to review your contract, we offer these services on a flat-fee-per-page basis. Click here to learn more or hire us to review your documents.

Contract Drafting

If you are looking with assistance drafting a contract (or contracts), we are happy to assist. With charge a flat rate for all contracts we draft, and the rates for many types of contracts are available on our website. If you would like to learn more, or are interested in getting started having a contract drafted, please click here to learn more.

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