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Common Expenses When Selling a Home

When getting ready to sell your home, one of the most important considerations is much money you will receive from the sale.  Therefore, it is important to understand the common expenses you will likely encounter when selling your home.  This post will discuss some of those common expenses and help you to calculate the final...
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Photo of an abandoned home that is candidate to extinguish redemption rights

Contract for Deed Horror Stories

No matter what you call it — Contract for Deed, Lease to Own, Seller Finance – these non-traditional real estate transactions come with risks that are often not fully understood by the parties entering into these contracts. In this post, I am going to discuss three real contract for deed horror stories that were experienced...
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Should I Sell FSBO or Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Many home sellers consider selling their home for sale by owner or FSBO but are not sure if the savings is worth the added worked. Real Estate Agents serve an important role in the process of buying and selling a home. An experienced Real Estate Agent will be able to provide you with advise on...
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Marketable v. Insurable Title

Rick recently shared some thoughts on this issue with the Land Rush Now blog. “All marketable title is insurable, but not all insurable title is marketable,” says Rick Davis, an attorney who specializes in real estate law. A marketable title must be free of any issues regarding the chain of title, that is, the history...
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Do You Need a Lawyer at the Closing Table?

Rick Davis shares his thoughts on the need for lawyers at the real estate closing table in this article for  . . . Real estate attorney Rick Davis of Rick Davis Legal in Leawood, Kansas, said that attorneys provide a valuable service during closings. When hired by a buyer, their job is to study...
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Commercial Leasing Tips for First-time Restaurateurs

Rick Davis shares his thoughts on commercial leasing for restauranteurs in this article for Pizza Today.  . . . Just as importantly, you’ll want to find out who occupied the space before you — and why they left. “Look at why previous businesses failed in that same location, as well as the reputations of your neighbors,”...
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Seller Disclosure Omissions: The Seller

You recently moved into your new home. Prior to closing, you had an inspection performed and reviewed the Seller Disclosure. However, after the first rain storm you realize there are numerous leaks in the windows in the living room causing water to pour into the walls and the carpet. You hire someone to make the...
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past due invoice showing judgment balance

How to Collect on an Unpaid Judgment

You went to court and obtained a judgment against a person that owes you money but you still haven’t received anything from the debtor. Why not? What do you need to do next? Despite popular belief, obtaining a judgment is not the end of the story when trying to collect from a debtor. The court has...
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