Contract Amendment

A simple amendment to a contract for the purchase or sale of residential property.

Our fees are all-inclusive and include unlimited revisions that do not change the nature of the documents. What you see as the all-inclusive price is what you pay!


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A simple amendment to a contract for the purchase or sale of residential property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I Just Use a Form From the Internet?
The problem with a form is that it is intentionally written generically. In other words, the contract is written to be “one-size-fits-all”. This doesn’t work for pants and it doesn’t work for contracts. If the transaction fits right within the box of what the contract was drafted for (e.g., a residential purchase using a real estate agent on a Realtor form), then the form is probably all right. The further the transaction diverts from the standard, the more problems the standard form may bring.

The other thing to keep in mind with standard forms is that they may be drafted for a different state and real estate varies widely from one state to another. For example, in Missouri we use Deeds of Trust and non-judicial foreclosures. In Kansas, we use mortgages and court foreclosures. If your form is drafted for the wrong state, it may not include the necessary terms to protect you in the transaction.

Can We Hire You to Draft Us A Form or Do We Need to Hire You For Each Contract?
The answer here is similar to the answer for form contracts. If you have a set business model and do fairly standard transactions, we would recommend creating a set of standard forms to be used for each transaction. If you are creative and do different deals all the time, a form contract may not work even if drafted specifically for your business.
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If you are not engaging us for drafting individual contracts, you will be responsible for ?filling-in-the-blanks? or completing the forms. That being said, if you are a member of Guarded Pockets or Guarded Communities, we will review the forms that you have completed as part of your monthly membership and no additional charge.