What is Mediation?

A mediation is an informal meeting with a third party to see if a settlement can be reached. How it generally works is that we will usually start with all of the parties in the same room so that the mediator can go over the terms of the mediation and some basic ground rules. The...
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What is mediation in a seller disclosure dispute?

Seller Disclosure Mediation is an informal process where all the parties are placed into rooms in the same building and a third party (the mediator) goes from room to room with settlement offers until a resolution can be reached or one of the parties ends the mediation.  This process is very effective at resolving disputes...
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Requests for Production are requests for documents related to active litigation

What are Requests for Production

Requests for Production are written requests for a party to provide documents, photos, videos, or other tangible items to the requesting party. These requests are used to ensure that all relevant information is obtained before trial. What is Discovery? Discovery is the stage in litigation where parties can request information from each other or third-parties...
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Requests for Admissions are statements that must be admitted or denied during litigation

What are Requests for Admissions?

Requests for Admissions are written statements sent from one party to another that the receiving party must admit or deny. If a party denies a statement contained in a Request for Admissions, he or she must provide a brief statement as to why the request is being denied. If the Request for admission contains some...
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Interrogatories are written questions sent as part of litigation

What are Interrogatories?

Interrogatories are written questions sent from one party to another that must be answered in writing and under oath. The standards for discovery requests are very lenient, and the basic rule is that parties can ask for any information that is relevant or might lead to the discovery of relevant information. As such, the interrogatories...
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How to find an attorney?

Rick recently shared some thoughts on how to find an attorney for a blog post published on fundera.com, titled “Need Legal Advice? 11 Experts Reveal How to Find the Right Small Business Lawyer”
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Seller Disclosure Omissions: The Seller

You recently moved into your new home. Prior to closing, you had an inspection performed and reviewed the Seller Disclosure. However, after the first rain storm you realize there are numerous leaks in the windows in the living room causing water to pour into the walls and the carpet. You hire someone to make the...
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past due invoice showing judgment balance

How to Collect on an Unpaid Judgment

You went to court and obtained a judgment against a person that owes you money but you still haven’t received anything from the debtor. Why not? What do you need to do next? Despite popular belief, obtaining a judgment is not the end of the story when trying to collect from a debtor. The court has...
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