Seller Disclosure

What is mediation in a seller disclosure dispute?

Seller Disclosure Mediation is an informal process where all the parties are placed into rooms in the same building and a third party (the mediator) goes from room to room with settlement offers until a resolution can be reached or one of the parties ends the mediation.  This process is very effective at resolving disputes...
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Thumbnamil from a realtor.com store on nightmares you might need to disclose to buyers.

Nightmares You Might Need to Disclose to Buyers

Excerpt from a realtor.com story on the nightmares you might need to disclosure to buyers.  This story includes thoughts from Rick Davis on the need to disclose the fact a home is a former meth lab in either Kansas or Missouri. If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you probably know that the seller...
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Considerations When Buying or Selling an FSBO Home

You often hear the phrase “everything’s negotiable” and that is especially true when buying or selling an FSBO home. Although the majority of the conversation related to buying or selling an FSBO home is devoted to the purchase price for the property, there are many other considerations that can help increase the value to either...
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Seller Disclosure Omissions: The Seller

You recently moved into your new home. Prior to closing, you had an inspection performed and reviewed the Seller Disclosure. However, after the first rain storm you realize there are numerous leaks in the windows in the living room causing water to pour into the walls and the carpet. You hire someone to make the...
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